Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been bad about updating this so here's my new update. Last week I think I did pretty good about running. Monday I did 4 miles in about 50 minutes, I started off too fast and by the second mile I was struggling. Tuesday I went and ran 2 miles which took me about 30 minutes. I ran outside and it was pretty cold so that didn't help any. Thursday I ran at the gym for 5 miles in 59:45. Not too bad for now. Saturday I slept in and then went running outside, it wasn't too cold so that helped out ALOT. I did 3.2 miles in 32 minutes. I've improved my 5k time a whole bunch. I remember when I did the Jingle Bell 5k I did it in 46 minutes. I've cut 14 minutes off so I'm happy about my improvement. Last night I had a soccer game and I got knee'd in the ribs so hopefully that doesn't affect me. My knee is hurting so we'll see how tonight's workout goes. I'm supposed to do my speed workout today. Run 2 miles and jog 2 miles.  

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