Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Shall See

Well I can tell you that training hasn't gone as I would like. I've hit a slump and don't feel like doing anything lately. I've gone riding, running and swimming but not as I would like. Yesterday during lunch I went for a swim and forgot my good pair of goggles so I had to use the pair that leaks and fogs up. It wasn't too bad but not as good as I would like.

I started P90x yesterday so I'm hoping I don't fail like the last time I tried it 3 years ago when I hurt my back two weeks into it. I'm doing the Lean P90x since I don't want to build too much muscle, I just want to lose fat. I had my heart rate monitor on me while I was doing the Core Synergistics and it said that I burned 1100 in 58 minutes of the workout. After I was done my shirt was soaked and I felt great.

I'll keep this updated on the P90x and triathlon training.