Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Holy Smokes Batman....

...I forgot to update this for three weeks. So I guess I'll start by saying that I'm not going to update with everything I've done in the past three weeks. But I will say I'm still training. I still haven't gotten back on the saddle but plan on doing that this weekend. I've been swimming at least once a week and running at least 3 times a week. I went running last night but only for 2 miles and my thighs were getting chaffed so I had to stop.

This weekend I'm doing the Dash Down Greenville 5k so we'll see how that goes. March 27 I'm still doing the  Rock and Roll Half Marathon so I'll post the results (if I finish). April 2nd I'm doing Tour Dallas bike ride and then April 10th is the Caveman Sprint Tri; my very first triathlon ever.