Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh $h!t I Forgot to Breathe

I just came back from my lunch break. I went to the gym to swim some laps, again focusing on technique and not distance. This time it went so much better than last time most likely because of the new goggles I bought. They're some Speedo Vanquishers that I got at Sports Authority.I read alot of good reviews on them so I thought I'd try them out. They fit perfectly without hurting my eyes and don't fog up. That helped out a lot since I didn't have to take them off after every lap. 

I started off good and didn't have any problems with my technique(at least I think I didn't) but my breathing caused some problems. It's not natural for me to exhale as soon as my face hits the water and my instinct is to hold my breath. I know it's not good for you because you're storing the CO2 in your lungs, but it's hard breathe out constantly underwater. After about 6 laps and a few mouthfuls of pool water in my stomach I finally I got it down (mostly by watching the person next to me). Not sure how many laps I swam but I stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes with a half minute break between each lap. I'm feeling more confident about the swimming part of the triathlon now. Now I need to go swim more during my lunch break.

I haven't ran at all this week because I don't want to hurt myself even more than I already am. I might attempt to run on Saturday since it's supposed to be nice outside but we'll see. I feel like I'm not improving much on my run and I have a feeling this is going to be the hardest part of the tri.

It really needs to start getting warm again so I can get back on the saddle even if it's for an hour during lunch or after work.

Speedo Vanquisher

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Up to no Good

Saturday was not a good day.I was supposed to do 5 miles but only did 3.5 miles. I ran out of energy about 2.5 miles into it. I realized I'm really starting to hate the treadmill. It seems that no matter what I do I can't keep my eyes off the distance results, I even put a towel and it I kept peeking. I think from now on I'm going to go run outside no matter how cold it is. I might even change my long run to Saturdays instead of Thursdays.

Sunday I had a soccer game and since I'm the goalie I come in to alot of knee to knee and knee to anything else contact. Well I slid for a save and my shin met the player's knee. Well my shinguard moved out of place with the slide and my shin grew twice its size. I got home and put some ice on it and it hurt like hell. I haven't been able to run or bike. I'm going to try to swim either tonight or tomorrow during lunch.We shall see how that goes.