Friday, May 6, 2011

Hipsters, Making Rides More Dangerous

We've all seen them and most of us have thought about throwing a rock at them, Hipsters. They can easily be recognized by their fixed gear bikes, beards and oh yeah not wearing a helmet. But I'm not here to tell you that I don't like hipsters, I'm posting to tell you that they're actually making it hard for us to ride our bikes in the streets.

Let me start with this. You see a guy riding a bike on the sidewalk you think no biggie, on the other hand you see a guy riding a bike on the street and you want to get around him. For those of us who have road bikes we can keep up with traffic fairly well, use hand signals and don't weave in and out of traffic. Well these guys (hipsters) don't care. They don't wear helmets, weave in and out traffic without signaling and go fairly slow.

I was driving down a three lane street close to my house one day and this guy was on the left lane and not going very fast. All the cars had to move to the center lane to avoid him. After about a mile he just jumped the curb and continued on. I can tell by the faces of the drivers that they were not happy that they had to move to the center lane to avoid him. This was not an isolated incident either, which brings me to my point. The more and more hipsters that ride on the streets, the less that drivers care about bicycles.

I've lived in the same area for about 3 years now and have always gone out riding with no issues. Recently drivers have become more aggressive. I was riding my bike a couple weeks ago and this one driver passed me on the left about 2 feet from hitting me and quickly got back on my lane, again almost hitting me. It wouldn't be and issue if there were bike lanes in the area but there aren't any. So please hipsters stop being such reckless riders and making the actual rider's commute less dangerous.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tri-ing to keep up

This past week has been a busy week. Last Monday I went for a swim at the gym and also started P90X. I started with Core Synergistics and it kicked my butt. Tuesday I woke up sore all over but felt great. When I got home I did Cardio X so I was happy that I didn't do any other type of cardio during the day. Wednesday I went swimming again and continued on with P90X. By Thursday I was extremely sore and tired so all I focused on was the workouts and no swimming, running or biking.

Saturday I had the Muenster Germanfest ride. I was not able to do the 40 miles that I hoped cuz I was still sore and tired. I only ended up doing 22 miles. I'm slacking pretty bad with the running, which I shouldn't since I have the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon in June. I need to step it up and run.

There's only 12 days left until Rotary Classic Sprint Tri so I'm excited about that. I hope I improve from the last tri I did.