Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tri-ing to keep up

This past week has been a busy week. Last Monday I went for a swim at the gym and also started P90X. I started with Core Synergistics and it kicked my butt. Tuesday I woke up sore all over but felt great. When I got home I did Cardio X so I was happy that I didn't do any other type of cardio during the day. Wednesday I went swimming again and continued on with P90X. By Thursday I was extremely sore and tired so all I focused on was the workouts and no swimming, running or biking.

Saturday I had the Muenster Germanfest ride. I was not able to do the 40 miles that I hoped cuz I was still sore and tired. I only ended up doing 22 miles. I'm slacking pretty bad with the running, which I shouldn't since I have the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon in June. I need to step it up and run.

There's only 12 days left until Rotary Classic Sprint Tri so I'm excited about that. I hope I improve from the last tri I did.

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