Friday, January 14, 2011

Closer to my goal

Yesterday I got off work and drove to Dick's Sporting Goods to look for some Body Glide Anti-Pain balm but they didn't have any. Instead I got me some new socks with padding on them and some sports beans. I went home and waited for my girlfriend to get home so we could go to the gym. I ate the sports beans about 30 minutes before getting to the gym.

Once I got there I started running at a 4.5 mph pace. After about half a mile I got the urge to go pee really bad. I finished one mile in 13 minutes and then went to the rest room. I came back and started at a 5.5 mph pace but slowed down every once in a while. At the 3 mile (2 plus the 1 I had already finished) I took a shot block which helped out and gave me some needed energy. I think next time I'll take a Gatorade.

I continued on until about 4 miles where I slowed down to 4.5mph. After about a minute I started at 6.0 mph and continued on until about 5.5 miles. I slowed down and walked until 5.75. At that point I wanted to get done so I sprinted the rest at 7.5mph. I was really pleased with my run, I finished 5 miles in 57 minutes which is an improvement of 2 minutes and 45 seconds from last week's run. I finished the 6 miles in 70 minutes (57 minutes+13 minutes of the first mile before my rest room break). I think I'm going to start taking either a gel packet or some sports beans before my workouts. That really helped out. I think the socks helped out as well.

I weighed myself last night as well.....(insert dramatic pause here)...and I've lost five pound since I started 2 weeks ago. I'm now at 220 and my goal weight is 185. It's going to be hard to do this but I'm sure I can do it.

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