Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swimming is Not as Easy as Breathing

As I mentioned on yesterdays post I was going to go swimming during lunch. I did, and let me tell you I was not happy. To start off with I knew I wasn't going to do good and I was just going to focus on my technique. I had read different places to make sure your chin is to your chest and to look straight down at the floor. This was not the only hard part. The other hard part was learning how to breathe while looking down at the ground.

Basically I do what most people who only swim for fun do....swim with your face above water. After trying the whole looking straight down technique I realized how hard this was going to be. I would focus on looking down and not on the breathing and would run out of breath. Then I would focus on breathing and would realize I'm not looking straight down. After a few laps I finally got a little better at it. I was doing the 2:1 breathing ratio, one breath for every two strokes. I was there for about 30 minutes and swam only about 6 laps (again focusing on technique not distance).

During the 30 minutes I was there I started to realize that I need better goggles. I bought some about a year ago and when I tried them on at the store they were ok. Now that I'm swimming they start hurting if I wear them for more than 5 minutes. I started reviewing some goggles online and found some Speedo Vanquishers that got really good reviews. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and tried them on and they felt great. I didn't buy them because I want to see if I can find a better deal elsewhere. We'll see how they work.

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