Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's A Day Closer To The Weekend

Training is still going fairly good. I'm still not doing as much as I should since I'm doing P90X. I'm in week 3 of that and I'm tired and sore. Last night I went running after doing my workout and I barely finished 3 miles. It was a combination of me being tired from the workout and the humidity that did me in.

I have the Classic Rotary Rock Sprint Tri this weekend. I had issues with passing people in the pool last at the Caveman Sprint Tri but  Luckily this time the pool is a 50 meter one so there will be more time to pass people. I looked at the course for this weekend and it's not too bad. Ride 10km North and then 10km South. I really wish they'd put up more information like parking, transition areas and exits for the swim, bike and run parts.

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