Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Like New Things

I went for a swim yesterday and it wasn't all that good. I did about 3 laps and I couldn't breathe so I had to stop. I would go two more laps and couldn't breathe. Not sure if I was just tired or hungry but it wasn't a good swim. I'm going to have to step up the swim if I want to finish at a decent time for the Caveman Sprint Tri. I was looking at the results for last years Caveman Sprint Tri for the Clydesdale 1-39 group and I definitely need to improve my swim and run.

I'm improving on my weight but I don't think I'll be below 200 before next week. I've lost 11 pounds since I started writing this blog. I started at 226 and I'm now 215.

On another note I just ordered some new aerobars since I don't have a Tri bike. They're some Profile Design T2 Plus.

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